فليسقي الورود دماً”

“ويعلّقها لوحة

by May Al-Issa

Artwork ©Ayad Al-Husseini

And there it is

Hanging on a wall

Only canvas cracked in despair

In an empty scene

But there she was


lying like a crescent

tenderly blushing

In paradise lying

Flowers blossoming

With love rhythms singing her life

In a final touch 

The groom stroke

Grazing her soul

Picked up her “flower”

Bleeding her into “paint”

Mocking her life

In a tableau

Between shadow and light

Tone disappeared

Murmuring her life in a hidden face

And the moon eclipsed

Cuddled the garden

Weeping unfrozen tears

Flaring “colourful pain”

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