Love in the Time of Nebuchadnezzar

Ali Al-Zaak

I published the first of my three books on the 15th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The book came full of war horrors and sadness. Three friends told me that they were tearful with many pages of the book, but a fourth reader alerted me to the fact that there are hopes too through the persistence of little stories in the book.

According to the preface of the book written by Anthony Grimes,  the Nebuchadnezzar book encompasses a broad range of love. Not only romantic love but filial love, love of country, platonic love between friends. And in the spirit of classic love stories, many are tempered by the harsh realities of tragedy. What shines most in the book is the love for the culture of Mesopotamia. The stories showcase an introduction to the complexity of the interpersonal dynamics of relationships set amidst the backdrop of political intrigue, geography, and archaeology, from ancient settlements to modern Iraq. The hope was expressed in coping with Mesopotamians with the harsh realities of love and life. Even though most of the heroes of the stories are killed, but their lives were full of hope, whereas death is only the ultimate closure. 

Beside love stories, the book presents vital issues such as Sectarianism, Islamophobia, Heresy, Regret,  dreams and even comedy in its last chapter.

However, the main stories are diving in the Mesopotamia great times of  Sargon the Great, Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar. The book transit gradually through the stories to the pre-Islamic Arabs who inherited the great Kings. Through its sliding on time, the book passes over the once Ottoman Superpower. You may view the stories of the book as the ceremonies for a pilgrimage to the roots as expressed in the following three poems.


In Babylon or Kildanian scribes 

There  the glory of comfy tribes

Dreams reduced by dotted flowers

arising from the fountain towers

In the flute of the last symphony 

Overnight with pastors ceremony

She had blue blood under her lips

With her passion and inhaling rips

In the world of history comedian

Was she Assyrian or an Akkadian?

She was walking all over the earth 

Flying serenely off her cut breath

Golden fear in a jar from a temple 

Sent by angles bypassing a jungle

To the Mesopotamian sleepy land

meadows  in the heart and mind



Exhausted justice in broken days

prospect and hope in several ways

With an obsessed dance and beg 

I arched my wings and one leg

In crazy dreams of mental illness 

Where the trust and selfishness? 

All in a goblet of splendor core 

The beauty we were looking for

How Ceremony could neglects 

Her capacity to swiftly rejects

Here is the flood from the past

Immersing now and forecast  

Hanging garden, a drowsy wisdom 

It was an orb of a magic kingdom



Eagles flew over the silver orbit

Shedding feathers over the wit 

Seized the dawn shined in auto  

Over the fields flashed in Photo 

As the pilgrim of the roots for all

Let us start the waltz  of the soul

Steal trees and action in course

Juggle a rose and a leaf of yours

No awakening no sleep on site 

He is a blade tired from a fight

He is a Sword tore from love

In  the ancient past or above

Save the root of a sinking boat 

The King woke up only to quote: 

The past Reincarnate, recreate

Here and there, it is only a fate

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