Diamond ~ الماس

Poem and illustration By marijo alba sánchez


This poem and the drawing are about the thousands of children between the ages of six and sixteen years who suffer exploitation in the mines in Africa. Child miners face serious abuse, among minors who are exploited are ex-combatants, street children, orphans, as a result of war, the young abandoned or separated from their families by force.

Powerful interests are imposed, from industrialists to governments, no one wants to delve a little further, the business is so profitable that it produces profits of 50 billion dollars a year (little compared to the performances of international drug trafficking and weapons industries)



My child has fever

to go down to the mine

his hands are tools

to set diamonds.

My child coughs

short bits of life

in a hole without oxygen

his small body fits.

My child is dying

his body dissolving

his blood is worn

on the rings 

and crowns

of kings, queens and religions.

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