Your child ~ طفلك

David Robert illustration

This poems talks about the fact that all children are our children.

كلّ الأطفال هم أطفالنا

Mabel Encinas

I’m not only an unintended arrival,

a nuisance full of needs,

a noisy box,

a dependent being,

a future.


I am also a present,

an interdependent being of the earth,

active and strong,

a glee full of beans

a human.


I am not only a survivor

of collateral damage.

I have rights,

and I am the primal activist of the world

in search of a renewed life.


I am a child,

your child,

yours although we look different,

yours although you are not my biological parent,

yours although I live in another latitude.

Our links are inherent.


I am your child,

and depend on you

and upon whom your life depends too.

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