Civilization’s Jungle ~ في الغاب

روان الجنابي

عالم بلا قانون هوغابة تتصارع فيها المخلوقات ليس يحكمها سوى منطق القوّة، فقانونها خليط من العنف  والعنصريّة والتّعصب. أمّا العدالة والمصداقية  فهما مبدأن منقرضان. ما يزيد الطين بلّة هو استخدام الفاسدين لهذين المصطلحين كذريعة لنشر الفساد ولتغيير قناعات الناس وأخلاقهم. حتما سيأتي اليوم الذي تنتصر فيه أصوات الشعوب العالية وتسود العدالة.

Rawan Al Janaby

A world starved of law and order is no better than a rampant jungle, where predators thrive on the blood of their helpless prey. The more prey hunted, the more the vermin rise on  the social ladder. As in that world, justice is extinct. It only lives on as a lie  ready to justify the disorder and brainwash the  masses   into oppression. Yet ,we should  keep fighting for our rights, in order to someday witness  the dawn of a new,  just,  and enlightened world.

“Welcome to this world”
The honey laced voice cracks a smile
Ah! Such silky soft words
Directed towards a robin
With the façade of a child

“Now then, shall we acquaintance you with fear?”
   The viper’s venom seems mild 
 As that once angelic voice is pierced
 Though that bird is unlearned
  It isn’t the first to fall prey to the snake’s cheer

    Beneath the sun’s blazing heat, disciplined
    Ideology maneuvers the strings of ‘order’
    The vessel of a world with no flaw
    Content with being “chaos’s” warder
    “Anything should be done to honor the lion’s claw”

     This blind obedience now imbued
     The igniting spark of a child’s patriotism

  Yet through the truthful lens of a prism
  This fleeting hope was only reality’s manifestation
   Of the illusion struck blade, deception

   A creeping howl strikes
   As the moon sheds its ominous light
   Once claws, shining with pristine whites
   Turn to knives that butcher and fight

     “Welcome to this world”
       The venom hit bullseye
       On its target
       “You thought it to be flawless
         But search 6 feet through the dust
         You’ll find it the epitome of lawless”
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