Girl on the news ~ طفلةٌ في الأخبار

Rachael Joseph


The loss and despair of war, the children still have hopes and dreams.

عن اليأس والفقدان التي تسببها الحروب، رغم ذلك فلا يزال الأمل محيطاً بالأطفال كما الأحلام

The girl is ten years old, she looks much older.

She should be playing games, riding bikes, reading comics.

Instead, she stands lost and alone on a pile of building rubble.

Rubble that once was her family home.

Sad, dark, eyes look directly into the camera,

‘Why do they throw bombs at us?’ she asks

She has lost her family, her childhood, her joyful innocence.

‘We do not deserve this.’

She hugs a small boy, a neighbour’s child.

‘All the time we are running, hiding, always frightened.’

‘Why do they hate us?’

The camera pans the street, not a single house remains standing.

She does not cry, not today.

‘I want to help my people, I going to be a doctor and make them well.’

She wipes the dust from the face of the neighbour’s son.

‘He wants to build the houses.’

‘ I will build the houses,’ he says,

A smile lights up his face, her face.

A smile of confidence, a smile of dreams. a smile full of hope.

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