“Home” ~ “وطن”

Poem and painting by Rawan Al-Janaby

They drilled
They etched
The blade dug aimlessly against the bark
For tell me…
Will the rootless sap
keep a permanent mark?
They searched
They scoured
For where does a bird perch
When its nest was left devoured?
They wandered
Reflectively, they pondered
Do vagrants saunter?
Do they meet their kin with similar minds and laughter?
They sought the eyes of a stranger
They "felt" the connection of wonder
A dandelion cannot find home
Restless winds are all what its known
The outsider cried
Wept for the privilege life denied
Perhaps "home" is a word of dreams
Where roots are intricately woven to seams

قلم وريشة  روان الجنابي

توطئة عن النصّ 


منذ نعومة أظفارنا نبحث عن مكان ننتمي إليه و نتَّخذه لنا وطناً، لكن ماذا عن الغريب الّذي سلبته الحياة مكاناً ينتمي إليه؟

 أيبقى تائهاً وهو يجوب أرجاء الكون، منتظراً أن يجد “الوطن”؟

 أيصرخ وينعى الحقَّ الّـذي حرمته إيَّاه الحياة؟   

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