We are not so very different you and I 

Photo and sonnet by Isabel del Rio

-a sonnet-

We are not so very different you and I:
the castaway, that's you; whilst I’m adrift. 
Even the island where, awash, we ended up
is more a sentence than a destiny.

No songs of sirens brought us here, yet we 
were pushed by a fate far fiercer than the sea: 
we flatly refused to become what we were meant 
to be and chose uncertainty instead.

And after all this time, I for one cannot tell
why your eyes have that icy quality, where you go 
at dawn or dusk, whether you ever think of me 
in that sort of sense.

Strangers we are, sharing nothing but 
the wind, hoping to be rescued perhaps one day soon.

From the sonnet collection ‘Ataraxy’ by Isabel del Rio, Friends of Alice Publishing.
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