Roots ~ الجذور

Vol 18; July 2022 ~ العدد ١٨؛ تمّوز (يوليو) ٢٠٢٢

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‘The Palestinian Exodus’ ~ تغريبةُ “التَّغريبة” 

Reem Kelani on the importance of the acclaimed Syrian TV series ‘The Palestinian Exodus’ [al-Taghrība al-Filisṭīniyya], produced by Syrian Art Production International and first broadcast in the month of Ramadan, 2004.

From the Periodical:

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درب الآلام، ترجمة ميّ العيسى

My whole life, it’s been assumed, Western civilisation is an old bitch gone in the teeth. And so people say, go to Israel. Because in Israel at least people are fighting. In Israel, they’re fighting for something they believe in.’  Via Dolorosa. In 1997, after many invitations, the 50-year-old British playwright resolved finally to visit the 50-year-old State of Israel. The resulting play, written to be performed by the author himself, offers a meditation on an extraordinary trip to both Israel and the Palestinian territory, which leaves Hare questioning his own values as searchingly as the powerful beliefs of those he met. Accompanying Via Dolorosa is the 1996 lecture When Shall We Live?, which also addresses questions of art and faith. Originally given in Westminster Abbey as the Eric Symes Memorial Lecture, it attracted record correspondence when an abridged version was published in the Daily Telegraph. cited from Faber and Faber

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