A Vauxhall Chorus: The 24-hour-book

It is a novel where 8 writers took important roles along with online all other contributors. The whole novel was written in 24 hrs and within another 24 hours it was edited and printed in London. Shamim Azad was one of the 8’s.

In this country, collaborative writings have a history. But probably this was one of the first times that technology has been harnessed in this way, enabling various groups of people to work together in shaping and publishing a story.

The partners involved in this project include Spread The Word, the Society of Young Publishers Completely Novel and if: Book as well as a group of in-house writers, visiting artists and a group of online writers. Some of the groups especially the writers and others came together in the same physical space  Spread the Word’s offices which are near the allotments (which was then used as plotting)—while a much bigger group worked online and alongside.


 ڤوكسهول كوراس: كتاب الأربعة والعشرون ساعة

رواية كُتبت خلال أربع وعشرين ساعة شارك بها ثماني كتّاب إجتمع البعض في قاعة وآخرون عبر الانترنت.وفي اليوم التالي تم تحرير الكتاب وطبعه. شميم آزاد إشتركت بهذا العمل الجماعي الفريد من نوعه تقنياً مع مجموعات أدبية مرموقة.

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