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.تُعرّج شميم آزاد في كلمات شعرها عن درو السياسيين في مسخ الدين واستنباط العنصرية خلاله

اللوحة للفنان الجزائري @الطيب لعيدي

Shamim Azad

The people who come round the mountains,

climbing down from the tall towers,

or coming out from the city of mosques

aren’t created by a lesser or a greater God.


The difference is the creation of

some self-righteous politicians,

the hypocritical human creators.


These politicians change their masks,

transform themselves,

and keep on coming back again and again –

like slimy creepy creatures, fungi.


They keep on hovering over us

to baffle and buffet us with changes

unconcerned, unperturbed.

To indulge their prejudices

they can be ruthless, relentless,

violent and terrorizing!


That affects us like hemlock and

we don’t even know that

we are discriminating, hating each other –

while they watch us like vultures!


They can be men or women –

a man with a prayer cap or without,

a woman with a veil or without,

but with a tremendous skill of fabrication,

and persuasion,

and the awesome skill of oratory


They know how to misinterpret

the religious books to

create a Frankenstein.

And out of terror,

they create another,

and another….


Actually to me

they are war-mongers,

holding us as hostages

all over the world.

They are the ones

who should be hunted

by pure people.


But children of the future

are going to salvage

civilisation from pollution



Painting by ©Taib Laidi

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