محمود جمال في ثنائية شعرية عن ”الحرب والسلام. العقاب والسماح. بين حديثك عن الجحيم وحديثي عن الجنّة. بين أن تحلُم بالسيف وأتغنى بالورود. بين رغبتك بالدمار ورغبتي بالبناء… بيننا: أنا وأنت“

من مجموعته الشعرية: ”حبة دواء بطعم السكّر“

Poem by, Mahmood Jamal

You want to speak of War

I want to speak of Peace.


You say Punish

I say Forgive


You speak of God’s Wrath

I speak of His Mercy


Your Quran is a Weapon

My Quran is a Gift


You speak of the Muslim brotherhood

I speak of the brotherhood of Man


You like to Warn others

I like to Welcome them


You like to speak of Hell

I like to speak of Heaven.


You talk of Lamentation

I talk of Celebration.


You worship the Law

I worship the Divine.


You want Silence

I want Music


You  want Death

I  want Life


You speak of Power

I speak of Love.


You search out Evil

I warm to the Good


You dream of the Sword

I sing of the Rose petal


You say the world is a Desert

I say the world is a Garden


You prefer the Plain

I prefer the Adorned


You want to Destroy

I want to Build


You want to go Back

I want to move Forward


You are busy Denying

I am busy Affirming


Yet there might be one thing

on which we see eye to eye


You want Justice

So do I.

*** *** ***

( From Sugar-coated Pill)

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