Painting ©Musaddak Alhabeed


أرجوان زاري

نصٌّ شعريّ يحكي عن استقرار جزء وهميّ من الجسد يدعى (الولاء) وكيفية التحكم فيه. وقد يكون (هذا الجزء الأكثر أهمية في الجسم) هو الجزء الوحيد الذي يبقى معتدلاً إذا غاب المسند. 

by Arghavan Zarei




This bridle lacerates the corners of my lips,

All my chops are cracked.

My horseshoes scorching my hooves

And when I am sweating, the leather of my saddles scratching my side.

He is a good man, but forcing me to wear these unnecessary dresses

Guess he would leave me naked if he saw those glorious days in the coral reefs, east of the farm

Sure, you still remember

We grew up there, together

Watching the fishes dancing through the seashore to the sound of the waves

And you,



Marching with your tiny steps in the joyful cold water of the sea 

And letting the air pass through your lungs and washing your mind

Become fresh and frisky


But my joy was to standing there and I see your body shaping in front of the sunset,

And your black hair dancing through the wind 

Your smile gave me a new life,

Every time I saw your eyes full of happiness, I was born again

Wishing for the day when we can


Pack your blooming basket full of fresh bread and goat cheese 

To ride along the old road surrounded by a forest

Blended with the horror sounds of old owls and young foxes

To run up into the plain above the hills and pass by the weeping old willows whose eyes are dropping to the ground and gazing to the endless prairie, tending to the greenland toward the sea



To just stand there and watch you laughing and growing

We were born together 


We were together since our first steps 

From the time that we were the same height

By now, I am longer than you by a head and a neck

To listen to your routines with patience and adore the sound of your voice

Most of the time I couldn’t even understand what you were talking about 

I was drowned by your heavenly voice

And praising your honeyed eye colour

Staring at me


Every time you stayed in front of me 

I was expectant

One more time

You stroking my neck and placing your forehead on mine

Closing our eyes and our heartbeat rocking our chests 

And our blood cells racing to pass our veins

To imagine you shouting joyfully after I found you a blackberry bush

And you brushing them to your lips to double your face’s glory


To see you lying down on the mosses 

Face to the sky

And breathing the smell of fresh alfalfa from the distance 

And wild morning glories clamber onto your shape

And emblazoning you

I am sure you are somewhere here in the crowd

Watching me

Wishing me luck

I look at every single seat 

I am sure you are watching



My new owner is a french man

He used to play his gramophone every evening

It is October now

Your favorite season

(Autumn leaves- Edith Piaf)

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