Another Sin

تحكي هذه الأبيات عن الإساءة في العلاقة الأسرية وكيف أنّ الخبث في التحقير المستمر للآخر يؤثر نفسياً في المرأة ويحطّم معنوياتها. سنون تخطف من عمرها كي تتعافى وتستعيد قوّتها وتحسّ بقيمة ذاتها

تقول موپاركر

“سنونٌ وانعدام الثقة يراودني عن نفسي”

Mo Parker 

Yesterday I committed yet another sin.

I shopped in Marks and Spencer.

The pork chops or maybe mince

what do I get? better to give a


Either could be seen to be wrong.

Or maybe it’s a good day and there

will be no jibe.

Another sin is to be intelligent

to know something that he does not.

I was supposed to be a ‘bimbo’

a name I was frequently called.

Apparently watching television

was an act of idiocy only fit for

an inferior woman like me.

Then I took a chance to study.   

Allowed this indulgence  I

made a big mistake, I did well,

I passed all my exams and earned

respect from my teachers.

I was now the enemy to be

controlled.  Harsh whispers

in my ear telling me to mind

my step. Someone is watching

you, don t show yourself up.

My thoughts were unacknowledged;

someone else had that good idea.

Ultimate threat; if you leave me

I’ll take your precious child.

I believed what he said.  

It lasts for years the self-doubt.

Doesn’t matter what you achieve.

The nagging voice is in your head

until you smash the poison thread.

And find the girl you once were,

proud to be your parents’ child,

enough it is to be here.

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