فواكه المرأة

الفاكهة ترمز إلى المرأة. في قصيدتها شميم آزاد تخاطب المرأة لتثق بعقلها؛

“أيتها النسوة، تركضن بالفاكهة

بدون لباسٍ لائقٍ أو أحذية


فاكهتكنّ أثداءكنّ الثرية

ملأى برمقِ الحياة

وعقلكنّ الغريب

له نارٌ ولهيب

أيتها النسوة



Shamim Azad

Tell me woman how you hold

Those fantastic fresh fruits

On your lips,

In your bare hands

In your finger tips,

On your back bone.

You hang it on hangers of your body

To dry in the sun and store

For rainy days for your family

So they can sustain the crisis, restore

Their energy and

Don’t need to go door to door.

You have a hidden harvest

Prickly, spiky and blunt

They come out

When men are in trouble

And when they want.

Some of your fruits

Have the texture of anger;

A ravishing spicy smell;

A special power to ignite,

But only few people can tell.

When they know it

They raise their eyebrows

Think it’s outrageous and odd

An anomaly in their house.

Women, you are running with fruits

Without proper clothes and shoes,

Bare hands, half fed or with an empty stomach

While you continue and produce.

Your fruits are your busy breasts,

Filled with the juice of life inside,

But your curious brain

Has fruits of fire and flame.

Women, why don’t you confide!

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