Nomadic Exhibition

This open-air exhibition of three Iraqi Fine-artist is amazingly exquisite and outside the norm. The site is a deserted village of Al-Toama family since the sixties. It is located on the outskirts of Dhi-Qar, southern Iraq. 

Fine-Artist, Hussein Al-Rikabi was behind this wonderful idea. Hussein Al Rikabi, Suadad Al Ramahy and Asaad Al Shatry hung their paintings too on the ruined walls in an artistic way.

The view itself is picturesque and almost an archeological site –and why not? UR was there once upon a time. 

Reya Abd Al Reda, felt that it was very special in itself and its location, where the paintings were hanged, the beauty of nature when travelling to the site. What drew her attention is that many people who were not usually interested in art went to visit the place. 

“It was out of the norm. Out of the closed doors. We have also witnessed the generosity of the people in the surroundings once they knew we were there. Everything was different. We were served full menu by the female farmers all was nomadically barbecued,” Reya described.


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