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Soroptimist is a non-government network of over 80,000 club members around the world. It was founded in California in 1921 with a vision that “women and girls will achieve their individual and collective potential and ensure that they have an equal voice in creating strong and peaceful communities, now and in the future.” [Please give the source of this quotation if possible] 

Soroptimist International comprises four federations: the Americas, Great Britain and Ireland, Europe and Soroptimist International of South West Pacific, where the SEEED Programme is aimed to inspire and motivate young girls in Malaysia. 

I had an amicable meeting with my friend, Birte Graeper, the German journalist. We talked about wars and the disastrous effects on people in general and women and youngsters in particular. There is, besides,  the maltreatment of men against women and children. She introduced me to Soroptimist. I had the chance then several times to meet Mrs. Angela Alkhouky, a senior member in London area. We discussed many issues and agreed on some.

Women’s Economic Empowerment is one of the main issues on the table. This is besides migration, rural women and human trafficking. Injustice is on the increase, whether through wars or other comparatively minor reasons. Not only does Soroptimist help in freeing a girl; it also supports her throughout her recovery from awful experiences.

Readers can take action by signing petitions all over the world. One of these is to stop Iraq from colluding in the marriage of nine-year-old girls.

For more information and if you feel that you would like to help, please have a look at the website:

Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland


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