The seed of inheritance

Title: Bongshobeez 

Meaning : The seed of inheritance

Published by: Somoy Prokashon 2018

Language: Bengali (state language of Bangladesh)

Shamim Azad is an emigrant from Bangladesh who has lived in  London for more than 28 years. Her family comes from Sylhet, in north-east Bangladesh. More  than 300,000 people of Bangladeshi origin now live in the UK. Of these, ninety-five percent are from Sylhet.

The Sylhety people started coming here during the First World War. Like any other migrant community they struggled and found their own ways to survive. More than 16,000 Indian restaurants in the UK  are either run or owned by Bangladeshis. 


This book is about Shamim’s family roots, the history of their migration to UK, and her own journey as a creative person.


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