The Historian

Isabel Ros López

She is the story seeker

the chronicle collector

who weaves them together

with tireless memory thread

to help the grand picture

become and make sense


The searcher who reads

the written but the unwritten as well

finder of the hidden experience

removing veil after veil

digger of the gems

that lie buried time and again


The memory worker

traveller in time

detector of spaces

and voices passed on

finder and reporter

of all things otherwise lost 


The determined seer child

who knew that the emperor 

never had any clothes

who knows he got there

through slavery and blows

through theft, plunder and lies


The sleuth unseduced

by the glamour of reams

of bound printed paper on shelves

for she knows just a fraction

of stories lie there

while the rest are thrown

into the well of oblivion

The emperor and his court

continue to delude

the people with deceit

and the tricks of his crooks

the ones who wrote and still write

most of the history books


She is the story seeker

the searcher who reads

the memory worker

the traveller in time

the sleuth unseduced

the determined seer child


I told you who she is

I leave you to guess who she is not

the great listener

who heeds the voices unheard

For this historian to succeed

all of us need to be her.

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