Unchained future

Mabel Encinas

History can be as weighty as a dead body

as strong as graphene

as stuck to our skin as a tick

as repetitive as an addiction,

as an obsession


But history is not destiny

it’s not necessity

it’s is not a tattoo on our bones

it’s not a unidirectional movement

that unfolds for the past,

because history is not only past tense,

although it may have been the result of a tense past.


History is practice, artefacts and language,

and none of them end with a full stop.


Practice is action,

using artefacts and language,

continued flow,

improvisation, change.


Practice is praxis, as in reflective action.


We change in present time,

finding the possibilities of the past

questioning our current ‘normalities’

pulling towards potential futures,

changing directions,

unlearning, relearning



Unchained future is now.



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