All the want ~ كلُّ ما نحتاج إليه

Picture by Justice-Dodson

Poem by Isabel Ros López

Dedicated with love and admiration to Greta Thunberg 


“This is a poem about courage and imagination, about being stuck and having a child telling us that the emperor has no clothes, as the fairy-tale tells us. It is a way of saying thank you to the child, for carrying our voices forward, and there are so many children we need to listen to, to carry so many voices forward, about so much.”


يحكي الشعر عن شجاعة الطفل والمخيلة التي يمتلكها حين تتعقد علينا الأمور ليخبرنا الطفل بأنّ “الإمبراطور ليس لديه ملابس،” كما تخبرنا القصة الخيالية. وفي هذا الشعر نشكر هذا الطفل لأنه يحمل صوتنا عالياً لنمضي قُدُماً. ثمّة الكثير من الأطفال الذين علينا الإنصات لهم ولنتكلم بصوتهم بشتى المواضيع.

There was a sorrow hanging

from the horns of the moon

it was a brown sorrow

a sorrow, great sorrow

that blocked away all the light.


Just then a girl threw an arrow

from the crown

of the Great Mother of the Sky

the highest mountain

on a small planet.


And so it was that the sorrow

was unhung from the moon’s cusp

with the great aim of a girl

who held in her arms

all the want from all the galaxies.


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