Chuquai Billy

Today I was unfriended on Facebook by Jessica

a.k.a. “Rainbow Wolf Woman” a name she gave to herself one summer in Montana.

Jessica is from Germany.

She is fond of sending me pictures of Native American dreamcatchers

Or Hallmark card paintings of Indian maidens sitting on a wolf, a horse, a unicorn;

Or vintage 19th century photos of famous Indian chiefs like Sitting Bull or Dull Knife.

Jessica likes to post photos on Facebook of herself decked out in e-bay bought Lakota plains buckskin outfits and made-in-China Cherokee beadwork on a headdress made from parrot feathers,

Her hair is dyed Ronald Reagan black and twisted into two chunky braids.

She says “aho” a lot.

Jessica is mad at me because I don’t greet the sunrise with a prayer to the sky;

I don’t stand looking inscrutable and wise in public or sit cross-legged on Mother Earth for long periods of time only to suddenly sprout profound pearls of ancient wisdom on the secrets of life.

I talk about fracking and missing indigenous women from reservation border towns and our elders freezing in winter;

I talk about the children on the US southern border locked away from their parents and having to bear the full weight of centuries old racism on which festered since 1607.

Jessica shows me a picture of a buffalo on her phone and waits for me to nod an approval.

I just stare at her.

“So negative!” she says as she deletes my profile.

© 2019 Chuquai Billy

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