Valerie Marquez


He crept into my room like a thief in the night

Clamp me shut, hardly allowing for breathing

Menacing green eyes glared at me

Through gritted teeth and stench breath, stale tobacco mixed with alcohol


He ordered. ‘Don’t scream, you’ll wake the others and we don’t want that.’

‘Don’t fight that way you’ll enjoy the ride.’

Realisation hit, as he ripped my pants off

Struggling – screaming – scratching

‘Please don’t…’

‘Stop! Stop!…’

Fighting my corner uselessly

He was already NACKED!

Entered with such force

I felt the tare

All the while he hissed

Yes…Yes…Yes… I’m coming…

Used like a latrine, his contents emptied

Spent, flushed

He lay heavily, shaking, crushing

All the while the hand clamping my mouth was never removed

I cried me a river in unheard words

‘Don’t tell a sole, it will be our little secret.’ he snarled

Shaking uncontrollably

Removing the clamp, he slapped my face

‘Do you understand?’

The burning pain from down below and my face

I nodded

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