Three Shots

Amel Jubarra

Painting by Layla Nawras

The Ease with Hardship

When you are feeling so low
Never finding a place to go
As you got a heavy blow
A commencement reached the inflow
Means you’ve overcome the woe
You have already reached the dawn
Never be impatient just keep on
The best choice ever is to go on
It is the opposite way to down
Scaling a mountain means going on


She Is So Strong

He is strong
To her he belongs
A son or a husband
She supports him all along
She holds out her hand
Whether her arm is short or long
She avoids being wrong
People in chorus throng
Asking who is so strong.



I am wondering
A fact is it or an illusion?
Puts me on a state of confusion
To where I am meandering
Would it be a better step?
To overcome the fears
And stop the tears
Regret is futile
What will be will be
To draw without eraser
And avoid being trespasser
I will win the best of it.

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