The Assasination of Peace ~ اغتيال السلام

روان الجنابي

ولوحة بعنوان: “لولا الحرب لولدت وعشت في وطني”

عندما يغتال السّلام تبدأ الكارثة. في تلك الكارثة تلتهم الأرض لحوم البشر، تزهق الأرواح وتعمّ الفوضى وينتج عنها الفساد و الخراب، ينهار الوطن و تغتال الأخلاق. تسمّى هذه الكارثة الحرب، وهي سجن من المآسي.

Rawan Al-Janaby

War is when humanity weaves its malice into an art. One where destruction, corruption, and chaos compete to see who will reap the most souls while traumatising millions. War is when peace fades away into obscurity, leaving behind a trail of sorrows and burdens for her people to suffer in. It is the cruelest of punishments imposed upon innocent masses who only desire to live and see the light of a new, peaceful dawn. Truly, war is a blight upon this Earth, one that we should rid the world of.

Peace was shot
Thrice in the head
The bullet cackled
As it aimed
For her neck
Peace broke down
As she silently
Peace was bound
Watching her people
With disfigured heads
“Humanity has woven its malice into art”
A voice had once said
“Green lands now painted
An agonizing red”
Peace wept
An elegy
Marking the fall of
The golden century
The blight named war
Made its chaotic entry
Peace was forgotten
Torn down and replaced by
Someone rotten
Forces of corruption
Those who call forth the rain
Of destruction
Peace yelled
Her rage you cannot
She took her final plea
Before fading forevermore
Into obscurity

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