The sky on fire

Isabel Ros López

Collage Isabel Ros López; originals by Romain Morel and Daniel Jensen

These poems were written during the invasion and bombings of Iraq and Afghanistan early this century


 The greedy eagles
 instead of soaring up high
 just to show us
 how flying can be

 are planning to fall
 like a ton of bricks
 on the backs and skulls
 of defenceless people

 who have caused them
                 NO HARM.

 is forced
 is rape
 the people
Where are they
 supposed to go?
Hawk is another word
 for serial killer
 using weapons
 that destroy masses
 of people
 and livelihoods.
Forked Tongue1After the Sept 11th attack on the twin towers and subsequent bombing on Afghanistan 

 He looked so sweet
         so moved
         so sincere
         so puppet like
 -so muppet like-
         so surreal
 It was
     so very unreal…

 "These people -he said-
 have no regard -oh regard-
 for the sanctity
         of human life"

 Guess what he did next?
 Tony boy
 joined the W boy
 and proceeded to bomb life
 out of it's sanctity
 away from this island
 away from the -oh so wild- West…

 The wind brings over
 smell of gunpowder
 faint clouds of smoke
 the fireworks display
     has begun…
 as every year
 the unseen is seen in London
 people take to the streets in the thousands
 all going to the common land
 -for not all of it is common, you see?-
 to find the best spot
 from which to watch
 the sky catch fire
 in an orchestrated dance
     of visual explosions
 Children's voices fill the air
 people sell fluorescent toys
 the trail of rockets crosses the sky
 and my trail of thoughts
     crosses the planet…
 Whilst we watch 
     in admiration
     this playful display
     in front of the moon
 bombs are dropping
 over many of us
     -for it is not “others”, you know?-
 The voices of fear
 the voices of horror fill the air
 a stark contrast of immediacy
 some run for our lives
 whilst some lay asleep
 in a permanent siesta
 It is a living lie
 in the midst of truthful horror
 I talk to myself and say
 "keep it to yourself
 people are enjoying themselves
 what right do you have
 to dispel their temporary joy?"
 I agree with myself
 disagree with myself
 "But this is all going on
 what right have we
 to enjoy in pretension
 that some of us are not dying
 and being dispossessed
 of joy?"
 I don't answer
 and I don't mention
 I obey half of me
 whilst my other half
 feels devastation
 and solitude.

 When the morning light
 came to kiss my forehead
 I kissed it back
 and praised the courage
 of all peace warriors
 and the spoken objections
 that dissolve the illusion
 of the killing consensus.
Clever Fools

 The voice of reason
 wants to get us
 all blown into smithereens…

 Dreams of empire
 won't leave us alone…
 We are still living
 under the rule of old Rome

 "We are better than you
 deserve better than you
 we are superior to you
 we are the brain, you are the body
 we are the mind, you are the matter
 we control
     you serve
 we know better, so this
 is better for you too"

 You clever fools
 if you carry on like this
 it will not be long
 before the water
 from the rivers you poison
 reaches your own lips…

 not long before
 the life-giving rays of the sun
 burn your skin
 with the fallout
 of a nuclear blast.

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