Against The Loveless World

Rawabi Gheblawi

Some see hardships as limitations, walls built high to stop them from achieving their goals and realizing their potential. For some hardship is an experience that motivates their dreams and fuels their creativity. Inspire the person to do more, want more.
I meant to recommend a book written by a Palestinian writer as a way to support these creators. So I went in search of that one good book. I couldn’t find it. The more I read the harder my decision became. That is when I realized that there are many great inspiring writers and the best I can do is mention some of them.

She is a contemporary writer. She uses her experience to weave tales and allow people to have a look at what life is like from an immigrant’s viewpoint. She has written many award-winning novels and her latest is another work of inspiration.
Against The Loveless World by Susan Abulhawa.

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