Time’s Maze

Rawan Al-Janaby

 Similar to how leaves scatter in autumn only to sprout once more, the ‘ideal’ standards of life are uprooted periodically to enable the “progression” of mankind. However, not everyone is open towards this inevitable cycle of change. As many cling onto certain “traditions” which are relatively obsolete and refuse modernity. On the other hand, many quickly forsake the valuable virtues bestowed upon them by their forefathers simply to appear more “modern” or “progressive”. One question remains to be asked : Will such extreme approaches to modernity truly lead us anywhere?

Threads woven with time’s gold;
Illustrations of a luminous story told
Where eyes are pried 
Off the road ahead

Feet rooted in the mud
A fallacy of prosperity floods
The mind’s eye with a periodical rift
Down the ladder they drift
“Preservation” they brand
A label etched onto society’s croocked dam

Antique wings take their flight
Aged feathers shed to ease the plight
Young fragile remains decay
Off course the wings stray 

The confluence of eras ebbs and flows
Inexorably, it refuses to grow
With trails torn in extremes
Prosperity drifts down stream
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