Gone, including the roots

Valerie Marquez
Lovingly grown from seeds
Nurtured, tenderly cared for
Until we were ready
Old enough
Strong enough
Tall enough
Forming our roots
For the great outdoors
Like a bride handed over 
To the care of another
Leaving the warmth of the family home
To branch out independent
Expand our roots and grow
Planted out
Lovely warm spot, called a veggie plot
Leaves blowing in the gentle summer breeze 
The very 1st night out
Was to be our last
The slugs had a field day
As light turned to dark
Come one, come all they called
Easter, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas
All wrapped up in one
A festive season, for a festive feast
Short lived marriage
Overnight we went from
Standing tall, upright, and strong, together
Nothing… that’s right, nothing…
All that work
Not even the trace of a root
No sign we ever existed 
The corns in a row

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