The fictional biography of an Iraqi woman

السيره المتخيّلة لإمرأة عراقية:

علي الزعاك

اذا كانت الحروب تلتهم الشعراء ايضا فما للحروب والشاعرات. هذه قصة (الملازم) (آية) لكن ربّما نحتاج أن نعرف كيف التحقت (آية) في الجيش بعد قراءة قصتها هذه

Ali Al-Zaak

Aya was a satirical poet and writer. She used subtle irony, and under the shadow of unhappiness, she created oases of happy thoughts to preserve her creativity.

Unexpectedly, she was drafted into the first Gulf War between Iraq and Iran as an army officer. She survived the most extensive tank combat of the War, when the defeated Iranian army changed its tactics and swarmed onto the battlefield with intense long-distance shelling. On another day of the eight-year war, Aya found herself amid sustained artillery fire aimed at a series of points along the front line. The frantic Iranian attack was in the killing field, intended to suppress the Iraqi movements and deny access across the line.

With her fertile imagination she composed jokes as poetry, while sitting next to the soldier driver of the Soviet-made GAZ-66 truck leading the weapons convoy:

Two sparrows for his mother

Only one was singing,

Mom supposed in wonder

That the other

Was the composer

The coward reporter saw

Four dead on the street in a row

He said in the broadcast: wow

They safely slept on the road now

Once she had spoken her last verses, the driver soldier heard a monstrous noise coming towards their heads. He said in the hospital that he survived because he saw the rocket, and was able to throw himself out of the military truck driver cabin that disappeared with Lieutenant Aya.

Because the weapons convoy was loaded with bombs and flammable war materials, other trucks exploded, but there were no further human casualties as the soldiers had time to escape by jumping clear of the vehicles.

Because her body was never found, the assumption was that Officer Aya and her lead vehicle were smashed into pieces, scattered and mixed with the destroyed convoy trucks.

However, what led Aya to such a fate is another story yet to be told.

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