Memory Loss

Valerie Marquez

He was there everyday
At the same time
A memory blanket draped over her knees
With pictures of family and friends
His smile was infectious
As soon as he spotted her
He kissed her forehead
He pulled up a chair as close as he could
He held her now trembling hands
The love was there
It was plain to see
She looked at him with recognition
A glint in her eyes
Joy registering
His action
His words
The scent of his cologne
He pulled out a small tattered
Black leather-bound photo album
Turning the pages
It appaired a distant memory brought a smile to her face
She was relaxed
They giggled like young lovers
Oblivious of their surroundings
They talked for a while
He told tales of yester year
And yesterday
At the flick of a switch
Those happy memories disappeared
She looked through him
As though he wasn’t there
He smiled lovingly
She turned away
The spark that was there was no more
She looked from left to right
Suddenly unsure of her surroundings
Withdrew her hands with distain
Who is this man?
She screamed!
The fright visible
You could see it in her eyes
Like a deer caught in headlights
All the same
He came again
The very next day…
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  1. Wow that was powerful describes those sometimes fleeting moments of recognition and memories and the joy they bring. Loved ones go back again and again hoping to find the person that alzheimer steals

  2. Wonderful words that bring hope and heartache, a smile and sigh and something we can all resonate with. Lovely

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