Child age Six and a half

تتحدث أبيات شعر ريتشل جوزيف “طفلٌ بعمر السادسة والنصف” عن ردة فعل الطفل حين رأى أباه يضرب أمه فهو لم يفقه ما حدث وظَنّ أنّه تسبب في بكاء أمه:

“أجعلُ أمي حزينة بعض الأحيان

تتسربل دموعها حين تحضنني”

–ها هو العنف الأُسَري وأثره على الغير حتى ولو كان طفلاً لا يفقه ما يحدث. 


Racheal Joseph

My mummy wears make-up sometimes.

I don’t like it. 

When she cries it makes her face black.

We were going to the shops today to buy new school shoes. 

Mummy’s not feeling well.

She said, we could go to the park when she feels better. 

We never go to the park.

I make my Mummy sad sometimes.

When she cuddles me it makes tears in her eyes. 

She tells me not to worry she’s just thinking. 

I don’t want her to think.

My daddy says mummy is a drama queen. 

One day I will buy her a pink princess dress and a gold crown.

Sometimes my daddy doesn’t like my mummy.

When she’s talking he makes faces behind her back.

He tells her to shut up. 

She stops talking.

They shout when I’m in bed.

Daddy has a big voice,  I hear it even under my pillow. 

Mummy cries and the tele goes really loud.

They never let me have CBBC that loud. 

I don’t want to go to sleep.

When I am a big man, like daddy, I don’t want to shout

It might scare my cat. 

I going have a cat when I am big and a dog.

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