Water Warriors ~ محاربات المياه

في قصيدتي محاربات المياه، تقول مَيْبل أنثيناس سانتشيز، أعبّرعن كوننا جزءاً من الحقيقة واننا نتغيّر حين نغيّر العالم من حولنا. هذه الحالة تمّثل صراعنا من اجل الماء، وللحياة كصراع الماء: لا حريّة للمرأة دون تحرّر المجتمع.

“أنا جزءٌ من كلِّ امرأة وكلُّ امرأة جزءٌ مني

معاً نكوِّنُ جدولاً، نهراً.  آلاف البحار

نحن نساء المياه:

في أكواخِنا

في قُرانا

في أعالي الهضابْ 

حين يرون أنّنا لا نستحق الحياة

حين تُلوَّثُ أنهارُنا من الطمع

أو ينابيعُنا تجفُّ من الحزن

نخلق المياه سلسبيلا

حياةً وأملاً


وهكذا تصوّر مَيْبل أنواع المياه وأشكالها وتحولاتها كما هي المرأة في عطائها وحتى غضبها المفيد. 

“أتينا عبر السدود المتهدمة

مياهاً جامدة. آسنة  


نحن المياه التي لا تُعلَّب”


Mabel Encinas-Sanchez

Painting: Ecstacy by Maxfield Parrish

I am a part of every woman

and every woman is a part of me.

Together we are a stream, a river, a thousand seas.

We are the water women,

in our shanty towns,

in our farms at the top of the hills,

where our people are seen as undeserving,

when our rivers are polluted by greed

or our wells are dried in sadness.

We bring water creating wake-trails,

we bring water, el agüita, offering life and hope

Sometimes, we have been frozen women

sleeping on the mountain tops.

Water that is waiting.

Waiting water.


Sometimes, we have been wasted water

dripping overnight from a broken tap,

unable to sleep.

We have been wasted water,



Taken for granted.

We can be bitter water,

dirty water, poisoned water,

destructive, sick and sickening.

We have come through a broken dam

enraged for being contained,

pouring outrage.

Then we became boiling water

and became clouds, 

and then tropical rain crying for Pachamama.

So we turned into storms and hurricanes,

cycling and flooding the world

enraged by injustice, abuses and rapes.

That is how we grew into warriors

defending our waters

from the voracity of selfish multinationals.

We are Berta Cáceres,

keeping and caring for the spirits of the rivers.

We realised that we are

the blood of the earth.

We are water that cannot be bottled,

but can shape as a vessel

to cradle babies before they are born.

Del agua venimos y al agua devenimos:

From water we come and into water we become

Yakumama, mother water!

We spread the silt that nourishes lands.

We are waves in continuous movement

responding to cycles of days and moons,

Caressing waves

that will never be silenced

as long as the world is world.

We are wise water,

filling the secret nooks and crannies,

flowing wherever we can,

finding the cracks where mysteries are born…

We shape boulders making them roll, 

we soften structures melting their joints,

we break walls with the constant power of each drop.

We share our energy with all living beings of the world.

We, together, all of us,

are the vital sap in endless flow…

And so, I am a part of every human

and every human is a part of me.

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