Dr. Ali Al-Zaak

I published the first of my three books on the 15th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The book came full of war horrors and sadness. Three friends told me that they were tearful with many pages of the book, but a fourth reader alerted me to the fact that there are hopes too through the persistence of little stories in the book. 

Cucaracha is the second book following “Are you brown name in a blacklist?” Cucaracha is fantasy book contains 22 short stories. It is about loneliness to the extent of imagining communication with bacteria and other microbes. The book blends facts with lots of fantasies to create amusing tales that suit readers gifted with fertile imagination.  The tales are about creatures living among us in real yet fantasy fashion.

Beside the “Outbreak,” “Pandora’s box” and other stories, there is the “Cucaracha” (Cockroach) biography. The nick-named Cuca used to live in a septic tank, but when the lid was taken off by foreign invasion, he was freed, underwent Metamorphosis and transformed into a rat.

Ratting enabled him later to further transform into a semi-man who ruled the country with all kinds of horror. Eventually, there was an uprising of the sufferers. He fled his fortified zone and underwent reverse Metamorphosis to be a “Cucaracha” again.

While he was speeding back to his Septic tank, a child spotted and chased him. The child’s slippers crushed him. The hope/the child finished off Cuca era. The unlamented Cuca believed in Absurdism which refers to the conflict between the man tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and the man inability to find any. In such situation, absurd does not mean impossible, but rather “humanly impossible.” After all, Cuca could only manage to be a semi-human.

The whole sensible world considered that the invasion was based on fabricated accusations. However, the invaders knew the accusations were not real, but they needed the traitors to rat their fellow citizens to justify the war. It was a trans-game that involved semi-men and monkeys. In the end, President monkey Macaque took the recluse decision to invade.

Why the Macaque in particular? Because this species lives with humans and have become an invasive species in some human-inhabited lands. Macaques are a threat to human through carrying fatal diseases. They are invasive species need to be controlled. In any case, what do I know? And what did I do? I only dedicated this Satire poem to the monkeys.

President monkey Macaque 

All his genome on the stalk

All his sequence were just lies

With his actions reckless ties

Twinkle heart swims in dreams

Thrown human in lode streams

From the cracks of the alien rock

Flower and roses were a shock

Both had jumped to salty dock

And misery spits its ugly joke

You the truce of a mind jam

And the fervor of uncle SAM

awful heart of monkey macaque

The wretched cursed your track


You are marked on your chest

Done with life and stamping set

Look to the end you are a fool  

A semi man with no console

Can you move what was calm?

And contain the burning palm?

Mesopotamia is asking why?

Hit me hard and made me dry

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