Chuquai Billy

“So you’re a real Indian

Native American; First nations?

What kind?

I mean..erm..ahh..which one, what do you call them – tribe?

Which tribe are you?

Cha Cha??


Chack – tow. Is that how you say it?

Choke tall.

Choke…like you’re choking!! Heh heh

Just kidding… so—

Where are they from, Canada?

Oklahoma. Oh right.

“OOOOOOOOH klahoma where the sun shines all the live long day!”

Oklahoma is a choke-tall word eh?

“Red People” …really?

Do I fuckin care?

So what does “HOW” mean?

Is that a real Indian greeting?


And “heya heya” – is that some heathen word for God?

You know when I was little we played cowboys and Indians

And I always wanted to be the Indians. They looked much cooler than the cowboys.

Yeah man I wanted to scalp me a few squaws too HAHAHA!

So do you live on a reservation?

We drove past one once on trip through Connecticut but didn’t see no Indians. They said they were but they didn’t look like no Indians to me. They just looked normal. No tipis. A couple of houses and some broken down cars on the lawn; that was it.

Kind of sad if you ask me!

They should clean up their front yard

So do you eat buffalo?

What’s that like?

Can you get it at McDonald’s?

Where can I get me one of them Indian headdress? I think they look wild. What? You find that offensive? Why? It’s just a silly hat! ….You have to earn it? —how by drinking lots of whiskey?

Heh heh just kiddin

Anyway I know Indians can’t drink booze because they all came from Siberia across the baring strait like a million years ago.

No really! It was on the Discovery Channel.

Want another drink, Chief?

You don’t like to be called “chief”?

Why not?

Aren’t you a chief?

I thought it was like some sort of honour to be a chief.

Like in the Navy. They have chief petty officer.

You can be a fire chief too.

Hey if an Indian choke tall becomes head of the fire department does that mean his name is Chief Chief?

Chief Chief of the Choke-talls

Hahaha Yeah Chief Big Chief of the Firewater!”

It was at this point, your honor that I committed the assault on Mr Trump.

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