Chained Future

Rawan Al-Janaby

كلّنا نعلم أنّ للمجتمع واجباً يقيناً، ألا وهو حماية الأطفال، فهم الدّرّ الكامن في أحشاء بحر  البشريّة. بالعناية بهم نكون قد صقلنا مستقبلاً ذا بنية مثاليّة، مليئاً بالأيدي الماهرة والعقول الزّاهرة. و لكنّنا للأسف ننشغل بأنفسنا و نهمل واجباتنا. و يزيد الطّين بلّة  وجود ملايين الأطفال الّذين يعانون قسوة الحياة أو يُضطَهدون من قبل أفراد مجتمعاتهم بأساليب شتّى. 


Why do we chain miracles?

Quelling the light from candles;

Blinding the earth

From it’s mirth

Oh, drill into my head


We mass produce sentinels

Out of majestic angels

Their wings ashen

By their equipping

Of the devil’s arms

On what once upon a time, was a farm

Someone explain to me!


We quench their thirst of knowledge

With an iron -fisted sledge

Treating the paper and pen

Like Adam and Eve’s apple, forbidden

What is the moral behind…

Sending scurrying from a bind

Like rats

Escaping a brusque cat

What shrewd logic dictates…

Confining them in a secluded maze

Injecting them with a serum’s haze

Is the righteous fate?

Why is their story cultivated…

To ensure their euphoria is prohibited

With their existence blown into nothingness

Have we descended upon madness!?

Annihilating our own future

With our lacking nurture

Only one truth stands at dawn

These children are not your pawns

Nor are you the hand

That orchestrates their lives as a plan

These children are to be enlightened

Not broken fragments of frightened

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