Three out of Three

Amel Mohammed

1. Nostalgia
 Was it the time or was the place?
Was it the soul or was the face?
That gave us matters we cannot replace
Feeling like a dream of grace
A situation that would solace
Or nostalgia would enjoyment deface
Or it would creativity of-face
Let us past and present enlace
And giving reality more space

2. Devious
Do you remember years ago?
You promised would never let me go
Tell me, what should I say to my ego?
When you made fraud your logo
How dare you be a lover
When you collapse love all over
An empty village not a man nor a river
Does that sound clever?

3. Reminiscence 
One day
Everything will be going far away
Like an old hay
The promises will be flying day by day
No one could ever be following to be prey to betray
Though it’s not an easy walking along the bays
Keep targeting and working the causeway
It is better to keep trying
Would fears allay
What if all the volitions moving
With success portray
Years and ages are passing and many decays
Never it’s late or lasting
Even if it’s a midway
Though nothing will be waiting and times dismay
Not that honour reminiscing will always stay. 

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  1. Amazing and expressive poems that really tell on the poet’s feelings. Reminiscence is what I liked most.

  2. Well done dear Mrs. Amel. Your poems are full with emotions. The words and phrases are very touching. Keep going dear. May Allah bless u.

  3. Your wonderful words have touched my heart ❤️keep up dear…May Allah keep on blessing you with success in everything you do.

  4. So impressive indeed! Very much proud of the best teacher ever , Mrs Amal, it is really a great accomplishment 👏👏😃. Congratulations and much more to come dear Mrs Amal ❤️💎🌹😃👏

  5. Soft touching words… Nostalgia touched my soul so deeply…
    Go ahead and continue my friend…

  6. Dear Amel, I loved reading your poetry as it gave me the opportunity to see a glimpse into your heart and mind. I also love writing poetry but as a busy adult, I abandoned writing many years ago. I’m inspired by your love of expression through words and the vulnerability in what you share. Just beautiful, Amel. Thank you for sharing this with the world. ❤️

    1. I cherish you. Thank you for being a positive force in my trajectory. I really appreciate your encouragement and support so far❤️

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