The Dominant Data

Amel M Jassim

Whatever floats your boat
The effect is a hotchpotch 
Some study quantum physics
Others transcend physics.
Let’s  agree to disagree
While respecting you, her and me
Ours is the planet of machines and man
Artificial intelligence is the fan
To be the slave of the app clouds
Not to worship God above the clouds
Human beings are enslaved, and yield 
Have no efficiency, yet belaud
Being controlled hacked and deluded
Data shapes our narrative
So we submit to being lesser and passive 
No freedom no freewill all are captive
In consuming they collude in
The evolution of intelligence design
The driving forces are well designed
To guide the world they countersign
While the herds do nothing but look on 
They should intelligibly 
express their identity
Not submitting to force but
Deploying what they find in the natural world
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  1. Well written piece of writing and it really gives us a clear insight about the century that we are living in! Kudos to you and keep it up ❤️🌹👏👏👏

  2. Amel, this is a great expression of what many of us see, experience and struggle with in this generation. Especially when you said that we “become passive”. I feel the effects of AI and while I see the power and huge benefits through the use of technology…I also can see many of the drawbacks and the lasting damage it leaves in our world and among all society. Very well written!

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