Law ~ القانون

Mabel Encinas-Sanchez

Law is not 
the most spread beliefs ‘naturalised’,
the ruling of markets and profits,
the acceptance of unequal power as a fact,
a single logic of doing and thinking.
Law is not only a remnant from the past.

The fluidity of life cannot be set in stone.

Law involves inclusion, respect, dialogue.
We are learning to live together.

Law understands that history is present,
that human beings change and migrate.
We are finding sustainable ways of being.

Law listens to social movements,
accepts the invitations that matter:
black lives, women, disabled lives, name it.
We are diverse as a fundamental fact.

Law is work in progress,
searching for peace with social justice,
a product of our possibility of a future.
We are not in search of a law-less world,
because law is about all of us.

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