Our Struggle is Real


Valerie Marquez
The injustice continues
Even with Covid19
Can’t you see?
They found a virus
That eliminates mainly people like we, 
In hospitals right now 
They’re literally getting away with murder…
Ok, there has to be some casualty’s along the way
But I don’t understand…Why? 
We’re hated so much… 
We are all born of women
We all have the same red blood
What gives them the right to think that they are superior to us?
When all men are created equal
There is only one race… The human race…
As, as soon as the sun shines
They strip…
Almost everything bar the kitchen sink on show
Getting their so needed Vitamin D…you think?
They turn lobster red, blister and burn
Getting some colour/a tan

A golden brown would be nice, I’m sure But yet they hate our colour Where’s the logic? They then have the audacity, to compare Look, I’m almost as dark as you…Really? However we don’t have to go through any of that  We have the privilege to be born with colour Is it jealousy that we are more resilient and stronger of mind and body? They steal our identities, treasures and ideas And have the gall to make them theirs Our people are beaten, in most cases to a pulp Within an inch of their lives And yet we rise, stronger and with pride Our wives, mothers, sisters, aunts are raped and used like we’re their play things their given right Was slavery ever abolished? Our struggle is real Dr Martin Luther King had a dream That we continue to dream today But, will change ever come, for people like we? I hate mobile phones, even though I carry one However these days I have to give thanks For without the video cameras we would have no voice George Floyd, hit the deck, landed like a fish out of water as he gasped for air I can’t breathe came the cry He struggled for almost nine minutes He fought hard for his life   Then no more wriggling, he was still  The fight for him was over Yet he who kneeled on top, never let up his hold They call themselves ‘The Law’ To serve and protect Who? Lawless people run our counties Our struggle is real  The Windrush…  They were in a rush to get us here Enoch went out and begged The mother country, needs you, was his plea To do the jobs they believed they were far too superior to carry out To build up the economy For us to come up against, such hatred, demoralization, racism… To be treated worse than dogs, at that time The Holocaust is remembered and all those lives that were lost Yet nothing for us has ever been recognized  We don’t get to mourn or remember our own  We are still slaves but with invisible chains We are hated without a cause By everybody and every nation Our struggle is real Bigotry – one rule for them and another for us Rivers of blood will continue to flow As the hatred has being going on for decades Anger, fear, resentment, discrimination and injustice All because of the shade of our skin You fear us, yet we are not revengeful people So much for Great Britain or the United Kingdon As it’s neither Great nor United No, it was never great in the first place You had nothing to start with You stole the wealth that you have today England became great because of the slave trade It is built off of our backs You need to stand up and acknowledge  The wrong you have committed against us Our struggle continues
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  1. Very powerful piece. Thank you Valerie. Much appreciation for sharing your passion and anger. We need to keep up the fight against bigotry and exploitation. No justice, no peace!

  2. Slavery first abolishment 1804 in Haiti. Slavery abolished USA 1865. When the people were compensated for having Slaves, they were paid out of the tax payers purse. Means that the slaves were paid for again, but this time the Slaves were bought by the Government at that time. In my opinion Black people are still slaves more than anyone else as we were bought for compensation to the people who held us as Slaves. Seems like Black people will hath to wait until there is no choice and we are a abundance on the Earth again like in the beginning. If you find an ATM machine that continued to cash out money only to yourself, you will probably continue to take the money, black people are the ATM. The struggle continues.

  3. Hi Jean, thank you so much for your comment, hoping that change will come soon and we all realise that we are all one people, created equally.

  4. Hi Marcos,
    I learnt a lot from your comments, and it’s nice to know we’re singing from the same hymn sheet. Better must come, but in the meantime our struggle continues. Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback.

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