Valerie Marquez

Dad had gone out
Errands to run
Bills to pay…
We were left at home
With specific instructions
Not to open the door to anyone 
Not to answer the phone
And most of all Not to leave the house
We wait for about 30mins
We had change burning a hole in our pockets, and…
Dad would be out for at least another 30mins
The sweet shop beckoned
We heard the calling, it was only 2mins away
We could make it there and back before he got home
So my older sister said, let’s do it…
Come on let’s run now and get back before Dad gets home
So, we did, leaving our younger brothers with the same instructions Dad left us with in the first place
We took their orders and their change, and off we went
Happy as Larry in the knowledge that we could do this…
With our purchases securely in our pockets
My sister and I skipped home, as we turned the corner before hitting home
There was one of our brothers running towards us
What the H was he doing?
He ran towards us clicking his fingers (As only black people know how to do)
Grinning from ear to ear
Before we had the chance to ask
He spouted… lickings for you, whilst still clicking his fingers
Dad’s home and sent me to get you
As you can imagine, our moment of euphoria died a sudden death
As reality hit home
The brother was enjoying our dilemma 
We didn’t know if…
We should continue home or run a mile
Dad was waiting at the gate
I could almost hear Mum saying…”Wait till your father gets home.” As she usually did when we were in trouble
Only this time he was waiting for us  
Strap in hand…
We knew what was coming next…
For every other word my sister and I got a lash from the belt
You didn’t …Lash…
Hear me …Lash…
Tell you …Lash…
Don’t leave …Lash…
The house …Lash…

The moral of the story…
If you can’t hear
You will feel…
And the Bible says
Honour thy mother and father

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