Hollywood’s Moses commandments ~ وصايا موسى الهوليوودية

Isabel Ros López

Artwork by the author based on photographs by Etienne Godiard and Brandon Green, with thanks


This poem questions the commandments for a cohesive social world by referring to Hollywood Moses tablets.”

من خلال الوصايا الهولييودية، تشكّك كلمات الشعر بالقيادة من أجل شعبٍ متماسك 

fell off the tablets, one by one
the fifth was the first to fall
and from there there was no return

The finger came down from the moon
there were those who said
it was God’s finger 
but the fury with which it came down
pointing to the heart of the Earth
told us that it was
nothing less than the finger
of the Universe itself
the Black Mother of the Great All ...

Fingers had never spoken before
but this one did
it recited the ancient poem
of the four commandments
and the world’s jaw dropped
to the bottom of the sea

From that mouth sprouted
the tree of denunciation
the first cure against 
the hunger for justice:

"You shall not kill
You will not lie
You shall build peace
with social justice
You will love and respect the Universe 
and all its creatures
—Including yourself— above all things."

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