A Woman Alone*

Isabel del Rio

تاريخ المرأة تاريخ شفوي عموماً، وما تعّلمناه وصلنا عبر الأجيال شفوياً خلال العادات والتقاليد والشعائر: من محادثاتٍ تحمل أسرار الحضارة والتطور على مرّ الزمن حتّى تدريس العلوم الشعبية العامة وعلم الأساطير. تاريخ يحتاج وبشدّة أن يوّثق بعناية تامة وكاملة. وحتى ذلك الحين علينا أن ندوّنه بشكل منفرد. كلّ وتجربته.


Women’s history is mostly an oral history, and our knowledge was passed from generation to generation by word of mouth through traditions and rituals: from dialogues that held many of the secrets of civilisation and progress over centuries to the teachings of universal folklore and mythologies. It is a history that still needs to be fully and painstakingly documented. Until then, we must write it down individually, one by one.

Isabel del Rio; A Woman Alone

From ‘A Woman Alone: fragments of a memoir’ (2021) by British-Spanish writer Isabel del Rio. The book is written in English, with excerpts and quotes in Spanish. The section that follows is written in both languages (Spanish in italics):

She speaks two languages, not one after the other, not side by side, not one on Mondays and the other on Tuesdays, but by code-switching constantly: And so here I was telling a mí misma que no hay nada que you can learn that does not require sacrificio y entereza, y que por eso people are reluctant to take on board cualquier cosa que les exija dar más de lo que saben or tienen o quieren as if that were the ultimate proof para confirmar que su vida es dura, y no la de los demás, who have it as easy as pie compared to lo que nosotros somos y aspiramos a ser, y así cambiar from one language to another at the drop of a hat is the ultimate proof of what we mean to say, la prueba irrebatible de que queremos mantener nuestra identidad, albeit divided, aunque vayamos a contrapelo y no queramos seguir la pista trazada de antemano y así confirmar that no one can take away from us lo que es nuestro, por más extraño y difícil que parezca and as implausible as the principle may be…

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