هل أقوى على الوداع؟

منذر البكر في شعره يستذكر البصرة وجمالها وطِيبة أهلها وتعايشهم على اختلاف أديانهم ومللهم وقومياتهم وما آل إليه الحال بعد الاحتلال ودمار الانسان والأرض. فهل يودّعها؟

اللوحة المائية للفنان @خالد المدلل

Written by Munthir Al Baker

Watercolour by @Khalid Al Mudallal

To my town Basra

To my birthplace Baghdad

I dare not say goodbye to Iraq

When I remember Iraq

I am blinded by tears

We were brothers and sisters

My neighbour was Christian

My friend was Jewish

My classmate was Mundi

There was no racism

Such harmony!

I will never say goodbye to Iraq

We lived the glory of ancient days

My history entwines with yours

We shared the old world’s civilisation from 5000 B.C. or before

Sumerian’s writing led our thoughts

The glory was in Babylon, the culture was Akkad

The Paradise of Aiden, Adam’s tree flourished in Kurna

Hugging Euphrates and Tigress toward Shat al Arab

The School of Sciences (Al Mustansiria) was a gift to the world

Basrah was the largest date trees forest

Arab Marshes were the old land before civilisation

Iraq’s land is floating on a lake of oil, gas and minerals

We had all means and resources to be the wealthiest

I will never say goodbye to Iraq

I am sorry to see nowadays

The corruption of governments taints our world

Iraq is crumbling in city and village

Seeking aid from the World Bank and other countries

The community went to

Hatred, revenge and devotion to death

Iraq is going into steep decline

Iraqis are begging countries for residence and to give sanctuary to immigrants and refugees

The politics have entered  a dark tunnel with no light at the end

I lament as I now say goodbye to Iraq


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