Al-Sayyab statue

It was a great honour to celebrate Al-Sayyab (AsSyyab), the father of the Modern Arab Poetry, in his home city, Basrah-Iraq where his statue lies on Shatt-al-Arab.

The celebration; Dr. Al-Janabi and Mrs. Alaa Al-Sayyab
The celebration; Dr. Al-Janabi and Mrs. Alaa Al-Sayyab on the 2nd Feb 18

Following preparation to surround the statue with barriers to protect the area from any vandalism, a formal representative, Dr. Hassan Al-Jenabi, Minister of Water Resources, and family members represented by the daughter Alaa Al-Sayyab opened the statue on the 2nd of February only to wake up on destructions to the barriers the following morning.

the vandalism
the vandalism on 3rd Feb18


Is this how we celebrate public and famous figures in Iraq?


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